Edward J. Tolisano

As human beings we need to adapt to the constant changes that are going on in today’s world. To stay stagnant in your beliefs and knowledge will not allow one to grow as a productive member of society. It is my belief that to attain a society that can function in an ever changing world, it will take an individual and collective effort. Each individual must be responsible for themselves first to be able to affect changes that will benefit others. It is my goal to teach students that responsibility through modeling and structured opportunities. My focus will be more on the individual than on the subject matter. Once you can become a good global citizen, we can have hopes of living in a society that will benefit and sustain all members.

There are a multitude of purposes as to why we need to educate our society. The most obvious is to remain competitive in an ever changing world. We have to maintain a quality of life that only an educated society can attain. Although I believe this to be an integral part of why we educate or teach, there is a much higher need to have students learn to think critically. In an ever changing world it is necessary to foster independent thinking that will develop new ideas. In my teaching, I will strive to instill the belief that learning does not end when the bell rings but that it is a life long experience or journey that must also involve ones integrity and character.

I believe that every person should learn that we live in an evolving, “flattened” world that will need new ideas to allow society to evolve. The basics in education of reading, writing and arithmetic are essential to a foundation in any education, but not enough to prepare for the future. In addition to basic literacies, I support the integration of information, media, network and global literacies into our school’s teaching and learning. One way that I will foster this into my teaching is by the use of technology, as a tool, to communicate,collaborate, create and the use of critical thinking. Today’s and tomorrow’s learners require a connected global network of peers, mentors and experts.

To me, the nature of learning is going to differ from individuals, societies and cultures. We all learn at different levels based on what is currently expected in any given culture. The nature of today’s world becoming smaller in terms of globalization, I think, will bring learning and knowledge closer than ever before. The speed at which knowledge is being transmitted will require a new way of learning that is being developed as we speak. The teacher of tomorrow must be able to discern this information and stay up to date on the many tools that technology offers.

An excellent teacher is one who can instill the desire to learn in his/her students. This means that the teacher must also be a life long learner. To inspire this desire to learn, the excellent educator must also model it. The teacher must possess the values of the ‘good person in the good society’.  Excellent teaching requires that you take into account the various morals and ethics without pushing your own set of beliefs.

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